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Sunday, 05 January 2014 17:33

Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money

Did you know that over half of your utility bill can be directly realated to your home heating and cooling?  According to the US Department of Energy, you can reduce monthly utility bills by up to ten percent by installing a programmable thermostat!  That savngs really adds up!  Programmable thermostats are: programmable thermostat conway

  • Energy Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Environmentally-friendly, as they contain no mercury
  • A good way to lower utility bills, and most will usually pay for themselves by the savings in a year

Carolina Comfort Systems offers many great solutions, such as the Bryant Evolution Connex Control-- it automatically senses the outside temperature and adjusts accordingly.  When you have a Bryant Evolution system, the Connex control knows what is going on with your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump in realtion to the outside temperature, and will ramp up or down accordingly!   We have a number of programmable thermostat solutions from Bryant.  Call us today to start saving energy and money!  (843) 365-5711  


(Pictured Above: Bryant Legacy Programmable Thermostat)


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When you walk through your home, do notice that some areas are hot and some are cold?  Hot and Cold spots is a common HVAC problem that requires a diagnosis.  Some of the factors that can contribute to this HVAC dilemma are: HVAC Contractor Conway SC

  • HVAC system is not sized correctly-- An HVAC system that is too small may not be efficient enough to heat or cool an entire home.  A system that is too large may cause short-cycling, which ultimiately leads to shorter lilfespan of your HVAC system and higher utility bills.
  • Air ducts may have a leak--  According to the US Department of Energy, 30-40 percent of all air traveling through air ducts leaks.  In addition to decreasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, holes in your ductwork may introduce pollutants, such as bugs, dust, or environmental allergens.
  • Vents may be obstructed-- Often, furniture or home decor items can block wall or floor vents in your home, causing uneven heating and cooling.

If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your home, you might benefit from having an expert take a look to determine the root cause.  Taking care of the problem will not only allow you to be more comfortable in your home, but it will save energy, decrease utility bills, and and extend the life of your HVAC system.  Carolina Comfort Systems is your trusted HVAC contractor in Conway, SC, and we promise one thing-- YOUR satisfaction is OUR guarantee!  Call us today at (843) 365-5711.   

(Information and photo source: http://www.mehvac-blog.com/tag/residential/)

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Here are just a few of the RIGHT questions to ask your HVAC Contractor:

  • Are your technicians Nate Certified?  Carolina Comfort Systems' techs are!
  • Does your HVAC company provide continuing education for its employees?  Carolina Comfort Systems does!
  • Is your HVAC Contractor properly licensed?  Yes!  Carolina Comfort Systems carries all the proper licensing and certifications!
  • Can your HVAC contractor provide references?  Carolina Comfort Systems has a list of positive customer reviews for you to see!

To see a short video on the "Right Questions to Ask Your HVAC contractor, click here!  Call Carolina Comfort Systems today for an Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractor you can count on! Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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ccs logoIt wasn't the hottest summer we've seen in Myrtle Beach, but it sure was humid!  What is your best defense against indoor humidity?  That's right, it's a properly sized HVAC system.  Controlling your indoor humidity levels can make all the difference between sticky and comfortable!  Having the right sized HVAC system is vital to energy efficiency, dehumidification, and ultimately your indoor comfort!  A air conditioning system that is too small for the needs of your home will not be powerful enough to distribute cooled air throughout your home and return air to the evaporator for dehumidification.  A system too large will cool the home too quickly to remove moisture from the air, which can lead to mold issues.  When it comes to indoor air quality and comfort in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Comfort Systems has the knowledgable & trained technicians to know what size your system needs to be to be the most efficient system for your home.  And, as always, at Carolina Comfort Systems, your satisfaction is our guarantee!  Call us today for an indoor air analysis to see if we can help!  843 (357) 5711.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 10:00

Financing Your New HVAC System

dollar signSummer is upon us, and without an efficient, working HVAC system in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas of the Grand Strand, you might find yourself in a pickle.  A new HVAC system, really?  Even though the benefits of a new, more efficent system far outweigh the initial cost in the long run, it might not be in the budget.  Carolina Comfort Systems is an authorized dealer for Bryant, Trane, and Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC systems.  Each of our unique product lines offer great benefits, such as tax credits, rebates and bonuses, and high efficiency ratings.  And, have no fear!  We also offer specialized finacing programs on your new HVAC system-- such as no interest payments or low APR's, so you can be comfortable in your home or business now, and have the peace of mind that you can pay (and save) over time.  Beat the summer heat!  Click here now to apply for financing today or call Carolina Comfort Systems today at (843) 365-5711 to talk to a trained specialist who can help determine the right system for your needs, and the right financing options for your wallet!     
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bryant tax creditThere are some great reasons to upgrade to a new, more efficient HVAC system right now. Did you know that your Bryant HVAC system purchase in 2013 could get you up to $500 in Federal tax credits?  That's right!  These tax credits are also available retroactively back to January of 2012!  The great thing about a tax credit, is it is directly subtracted from your personal income tax liability!  In addition to the tax credits available, you will also see tremendous savings in your utility bills when you upgrade to a more efficient system.  If you have been considering a new HVAC system, Bryant offers products with up to a 20 SEER rating!  The higher the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the greater the efficiency.  There is an initial investment for a new system, of course, but it won't take long to see the cost savings in your utility bills!  And, if those weren't two good enough reasons to upgrade to a new Bryant HVAC system, then there's more!  Bryant Bonuses!  When you choose Bryant, you get an experienced dealer, like Carolina Comfort Systems, dependable products and more!  And, when you purchase a qualifying system, you might be eligible for a rebate ranging from $25 up to $1350!  Now, that's a great deal!  Call Carolina Comfort Systems today to inquire about qualifying systems at (843) 365-5711.

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Monday, 18 July 2011 12:33

Customer Service Is Key

Customer Service is Key
At Carolina Comfort Systems, we make every effort to provide the highest level of professionalism and customer service in our industry. Our service technicians and staff are dedicated to responding to our customers’ needs and we pride ourselves in treating each customer like we’d want to be treated.

Thanks to loyal customers like you, we’ve been in business for over 25 years and, as the old cliche’ goes, “We must be doing something right.” That being said, we’re never satisfied... we strive to improve every area of customer service every day.

Our certified technicians are well-trained and very experienced in providing you and your family with all your heating and cooling needs. In addition, we select only those employees that meet our standards for dependability and personal integrity.

Don’t just take our word for it... please visit our Testimonials page on our website and see what several of our satisfied customers have said.

We’re proud to provide you with the best possible products and services and we thank you for your continued interest in Carolina Comfort Systems. We’re here to serve you!

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