77e3798bb9782084333898c5f75d9aab XLSmart things are the biggest trend for homes in years. You can find lamps that are smart, ovens and microwaves that are smart - even the lock on your front door can be smart. But what does smart really mean? In a word, control. Smart means being able to control devices and systems whether you are home or 3,000 miles away. Most smart devices and systems use apps on your cell phone or through your smart hub to send you notifications or let you change settings and turn devices on or off with a few taps on your smartphone or laptop. Let's get to know Bryant's Evolution Connex Control.


Evolution Connex Control is More than a Smart Thermostat

Bryant's Evolution Connex Control might appear to be an ordinary smart thermostat, but it syncs with every Bryant system and component in your home. The Evolution Connex Control syncs with your Evolution Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Evolution Air Purifier, Ventilator, Evolution Gas Furnace and your Evaporator Coil. No typical smart thermostat can do all of that. Here are some other ways Evolution Connex Control puts control over your comfort right in the palm of your hand:


  • Use Evolution Connex Control from the system touchscreen, cell phone app or computer laptop so you can control your entire Bryant system from anywhere.
  • Allows the option of creating up to eight unique zones in your home. Each zone can be customized and you can control the temperature and comfort in each zone individually.
  • When used with energy conservation in mind, you can save up to 10% on your utility bill's energy costs. Precise control of each component of your Bryant system gives you the ability to adjust settings on the go and manage energy use to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Set up notifications that go directly to Carolina Comfort Systems, your local Bryant dealer. Notifications can help schedule updates, create reminders for regular maintenance appointments, alert them to problems with the system that might need repair and send efficiency information.


Bryant puts control over your comfort in the palm of your hand with Evolution Connex Control. By including every component in your entire Bryant home comfort system, you can adjust settings from anywhere and save energy (and money) with just a few taps. Even better, your Evolution Connex Control gives you the option of setting up notifications about your system that go right to Carolina Comfort Systems, making upkeep and repairs for your system as seamless as possible. That sounds pretty smart to us!

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Friday, 01 August 2014 15:46

A Comfort System That Communicates?

Can you remember back in the ‘old’ days, when we had to actually go over to a heater or cooling unit and push a button to turn it on and turn a dial to control the temperatures? Okay so it wasn’t really that long ago – but then came a technology breakthrough – the remote control! What was better then sitting on the couch and raising or lowering the system output? Then energy saving technology came into the mix and we could set a thermostat and the system monitored itself to cycle down when that indoor temperature was reached, and to turn on when it read it was over the desired temperature. Could it ever get better than this? 

connexI bet you didn’t think so, but now, thanks to the Bryant Evolution® system your life can get even more comfortable. The brain behind it all is the Evolution Connex ™ control. When installed as part of the Evolution system it can monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speeds, ventilation and zoning! You can program a schedule to fit your lifestyle and once you’ve programmed the settings the Connex system actively manages your home’s temperatures. The control monitors the outdoor temperatures, so instead of ramping up to meet your settings, it can adjust the time of levels to save you the most money. One of the options with this system is the ability to adjust your settings whether you are home or away by installing a Wi-Fi enabled Connex control. There is even a Touch – n – Go feature which allows you to change from ‘sleep’ or ‘away’ settings to ‘wake’ or home with ease. Carolina Comfort Systems is an authorized dealer for Bryant, and this is just another product in our impressive line that is designed to simplify your life, conserve energy and save you money on monthly bills. Call us to discuss this or our line of Bryant products.

Source https://www.myevolutionconnex.bryant.com/Evolution

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Sunday, 05 January 2014 17:33

Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money

Did you know that over half of your utility bill can be directly realated to your home heating and cooling?  According to the US Department of Energy, you can reduce monthly utility bills by up to ten percent by installing a programmable thermostat!  That savngs really adds up!  Programmable thermostats are: programmable thermostat conway

  • Energy Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Environmentally-friendly, as they contain no mercury
  • A good way to lower utility bills, and most will usually pay for themselves by the savings in a year

Carolina Comfort Systems offers many great solutions, such as the Bryant Evolution Connex Control-- it automatically senses the outside temperature and adjusts accordingly.  When you have a Bryant Evolution system, the Connex control knows what is going on with your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump in realtion to the outside temperature, and will ramp up or down accordingly!   We have a number of programmable thermostat solutions from Bryant.  Call us today to start saving energy and money!  (843) 365-5711  


(Pictured Above: Bryant Legacy Programmable Thermostat)


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Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:42

The Nest-- Meet the New Learning T

The Nest - Meet the New Learning Thermostat

By S. Kim Henson

“The Nest is gorgeous, elegant and very, very smart. It will keep your house at the right temperature, save you money and do some good for the planet,” said David Pogue in The NY Times about the world’s first learning thermostat. He reports four radical differences between Nest and other thermostats. 

Nest looks attractive.

Nest programs itself.

Nest has Wi-Fi, which means it is online and you can program it on a Web site.

Nest costs $250 or more, however, saves enough energy to recoup its cost in less than two years. 

nestNest launched March 1, 2011 and is the creation of former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. Since Energy Star discontinued its category for programmable thermostats due to their ineffectiveness, yet a thermostat controls half the home’s energy, and there are a quarter of a billion thermostats in the U.S., it seemed a likely place to focus the team’s attention and yes, their energy. 
The EPA reports a properly programmed thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bill by 20 percent. The first week with your Nest, you have to be on your best behavior since you set it manually while it learns your schedule and adjustments. After the initial setup, Nest programs itself automatically. 
The Good Housekeeping Research Institute awarded the Nest Learning Thermostat their Very Innovative Product (VIP) award. Nest’s Facebook page has nearly 8,000 likes. And Nest is sold out so you have to register on their site to receive a notification when more are available. Pretty impressive for the product’s first year!  Call Carolina Comfort for more information about sales and installation of Nest. For more information, visit www.nest.com.

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