Things are really heating up in South Carolina! Is your air conditioner ready for the hot, humid summer ahead? If not, now is the time to take care of this important task and get it checked off your list for the season!

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

air conditioning myrtle beach There are a few basic maintenance steps everyone should take care of in between your professional maintenance appointments with Carolina Comfort Systems.
* Change out the filter - Regularly changing the filter for your home comfort system is important all year round. A dirty filter clogged with dust, pet dander and other grime reduces airflow, making your system work longer and harder to keep your home at a cool comfortable temperature. This increases wear and tear on system components and reduces energy efficiency by up to 15%.

* Clear out condensation drain - If your system has an accessible condensation drain, you will want to check it several times per year to make sure there is no cruddy build-up accumulating. In a humid subtropical climate like ours, cooling systems pull a lot of moisture out of the air, so keeping the condensation drain clear is important for your system to work most efficiently. Clean away built-up gunk with a wire brush to keep the drain clear.

* Check the outdoor condenser unit - Regularly check your outdoor condenser unit for leaves, twigs and debris that could hinder proper operation. Also keep plants and shrubs trimmed back several feet away from the unit on all sides.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

There's more to air conditioner maintenance than the do-it-yourself list above. That's why you also need regular professional air conditioner maintenance. Your Carolina Comfort Systems maintenance pro will take care of the tough stuff like checking refrigerant levels, lubricate moving parts, check belts for wear, check airflow throughout the system, test and calibrate the thermostat, test electrical connections and inspect for any issues that could lead to a break-down.

For extra peace of mind, check out our Comfort Star Protection Plans. We have four plans to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Each plan includes cleaning and inspection of your home comfort system twice per year and gives you *Priority Customer* status if you ever do have an emergency. Several of our plans also let you accrue money at the end of each service year toward a new replacement system. Our top-notch professional technicians are dedicated to providing the best service to keep your home comfortable all year long!

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Cooling Your Home | Myrtle Beach Air conditioningSummer is nearly here and with it, the heat and humidity! Keeping your home cool and comfortable doesn't have to leave you sweating over the rise in your utility bill. There are several ways you can save energy and money on cooling your home.

1. Ceiling Fans - Ceiling fans take far less energy to operate than your cooling system. Most people can set the thermostat between three to five degrees warmer while running ceiling fans and enjoy the same level of cool comfort. Those few degrees of difference, particularly on the hottest days, can result in big savings on your electric bill.

2. Nature - When nights and early mornings are cool, take advantage of nature's heat relief by opening a few windows and turning off your cooling system.

3. Programming - Use a programmable thermostat to increase temperature when you are not home, using less energy while away. Set the program to begin cooling your home down to your desired temperature about 30 minutes before you typically return. You will come home to comfortable coolness while saving energy and money.

4. Dodging Drafts - Drafts and air leaks let hot air in and make your cooling system work harder and longer. The harder and longer your system works to cool your home, the more energy and money it uses. Use weather-stripping, caulking or make necessary repairs to eliminate drafts and stop money from flowing right out the window.

5. Block the Sun - Windows don't have to be open to let the heat in. The sun's rays shining through the windows can increase the temperature inside your home. Use energy-efficient window coverings designed to reflect the sun's rays back out and keep them closed during the day. If the idea of closed curtains has you feeling closed in, there are also protective films that can be professionally applied directly to your windows to help block the sun's rays (and heat) while allowing you to enjoy natural light year round.

6. Regular Maintenance - Having your cooling system cleaned and professionally maintained by your home comfort service provider saves you money in more than one way. First, a well-maintained cooling system runs more efficiently and uses less energy to keep your home cool, which means lower utility costs. Second, regular maintenance helps find any potential issues before they become big problems. Something as minor as debris obstructing proper function of fans and coils can cause major damage over time, resulting in unplanned costly repairs during the hottest part of the year. And don't forget to change the filter in for your system every month during the spring and summer when your system is working more often and filters gunk up faster, putting stress on your cooling system.

Staying cool during the summer heat doesn't have to be as expensive as you might expect. A few simple changes can help you save energy and money without sacrificing comfort.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 12:12

Just Turning on the AC?

bryant thermostatCranking up the AC for the First Time?
If you’re like some of our more frugal clients, perhaps you’re just now getting ready to turn on the air conditioning for the first time this spring. For many people who are not home during the heat of the day this has been a popular option – especially if you have ceiling fans.
It may be a good idea to follow this quick checklist.
 • Set the thermostat to a comfortable level and monitor the cooling progress for  approximately 30 minutes. During that period of time, if you haven’t noticed a marked  improvement in the temperature of the room, it could be a sign that your unit’s not  functioning properly after its hibernation.
 • To ensure the air circulating through your ducts and vents is clean and dust-free,  make  sure you’ve replaced your filter recently. You may also want to have your ducts inspected  by a professional to see if they need to be cleaned for best performance.
 • Take a look at your internal handler/return source to make sure there are no noticeable  condensation leaks.
 • Listen to your unit carefully. If it sounds unusual or different than you remember it, it  could be an early warning signal of a potential problem.
If you want to be on the safe side and have complete peace of mind before you crank up the air conditioning for the first time this season, call the trained service technicians at Carolina Comfort Systems... we’re here to help!

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