Nate LogoNATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, the largest certification organization in North America for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. NATE was created in 1997 by the HVACR industry and has served as a standard-bearer for the entire industry for the last 20 years. Let's look a little deeper at what this certification entails and how it gives you confidence that the technicians working on your equipment have the knowledge and expertise to do the job right.

How NATE Certification Works

The NATE certification consists of a core examination covering fundamentals and then to complete certification, the technician must pass an additional examination for either Installation or Service in one of eleven specialty areas (note: four of the specialty areas are service only). The exams are created by a committee of industry experts from across North America and focus on real-world working knowledge of HVACR systems. This approach helps ensure the tests and certification are relevant to the skills technicians need to perform top-quality work in the field.

NATE doesn't provide training, only testing and certification. NATE approaches certification this way to avoid situations where technicians are "trained for the test" rather than being trained for the full range of skills they'll need for day-to-day work with HVACR systems. NATE certified technicians have to renew or recertify every two years for most specialties (the Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Installation certification is good for three years). Renewal or recertification requires technicians to complete a minimum of 16 hours of documented continued education or training in their specialty area and/or retaking the certification exams. The reason for this recertification process is to ensure NATE certified technicians are up-to-date on the latest systems and technology, especially as new technology continues to change and shape the HVACR industry.

What NATE Certification Means to You

What NATE certification means for you as a client is peace of mind. You can feel confident that your NATE certified technician has the proven expertise and knowledge required to service or install your HVAC system properly. And you can rest assured that your NATE certified technician is up-to-date on the latest technology and industry standards. At Carolina Comfort Systems, we are committed to providing the very best service for our clients, which is why NATE certification is so important to us.

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heat pump maintenanceExtreme temperature fluctuations can take a toll on your heat pump. Cold temperatures that dip down below 40 degrees Fahrenheit make maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home a challenge for many heat pumps as they lose efficiency at lower temperatures. As the temperature drops, your heat pump runs more frequently and for longer periods, eventually triggering your emergency back up electric coils to turn on or if you have a split system, switching to furnace-generated heat. Likewise, very hot temperatures can be rough on your heat pump. While heat pumps reduce humidity better than traditional air conditioning systems, the more hot and humid it is, the harder your heat pump works to keep your home cool and comfortable. Jumping back and forth between heating and cooling means your heat pump gets a hefty workout. You can't control nature but you can make sure to keep your heat pump tuned-up to help it weather major temperature shifts.

Heat Pump Tune-Up 101
You might be wondering what a heat pump tune-up entails. Like a tune-up for your car, your heat pump tune-up checks for potential problems and maintains various components to minimize wear and tear. Here are just a few of the services included in your heat pump tune-up:
* Change air filters (you should do this also in between tune-ups).
* Inspect and clean all electrical components and connections.
* Test and recalibrate your thermostat, if necessary.
* Check refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant indicates a leak and puts you at greater risk for a system breakdown. Refrigerant leaks require urgent repair.
* Check ducts for signs of leaks that can reduce the efficiency of your system.
* Clean and inspect coils and fans, including evaporation coil and condensing coil.
* Lubricate motors, check belts for wear and adjust belt tension.

When temperatures fluctuate quickly between hot and cold extremes, many heating and cooling systems will run longer and harder to keep your home comfortable. Keeping your heat pump tuned up minimizes the effects of this temperature roller coaster on the various components of your system and helps it run as efficiently as possible.  Give Carolina Comfort Systems a call today to get your heat pump tuned up and running for all types of weather!

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Saturday, 17 January 2015 22:14

Save Money With A Bryant Heat Pump

bryant-heat-pump-buttonBryant's Variable Speed Heat Pump Technology Saves You Money!  In this day and age we are all searching for ways to save both energy and money in our homes. There are a multitude of products in the market that claim to do just that and some, such as Bryant’s Variable Speed Heat Pump Technology, delivers.  Traditionally, most heating and cooling systems fans work at one speed - full. This means whether you are home or not your system operates at the same level, wasting energy and money. Bryant offers variable speed technology which will quietly ramp up to reach the comfort settings you’ve designated for your home. Due to its slower speeds the variable heat pump will generally be quieter than other systems as well. The slower speeds also allow for maximizing energy dollars due to its ability to create a more even interior temperature and better humidity control. This technology is available in a variety of Bryant products including their Evolution® High-Efficiency Gas Furnace, Evolution® Extreme Heat Pump.  Evolution Fan Coils and Preferred™ Geothermal Heat Pump. Carolina Comfort Systems is a certified dealer of Bryant products, call us with any questions about the Bryant Variable Speed Heat Pump Technology and how it can help you lower your energy bills.  For HVAC Replacement and Heat Pump Repair in Conway and Myrtle Beach, call on Carolina Comfort Systems!

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When you walk through your home, do notice that some areas are hot and some are cold?  Hot and Cold spots is a common HVAC problem that requires a diagnosis.  Some of the factors that can contribute to this HVAC dilemma are: HVAC Contractor Conway SC

  • HVAC system is not sized correctly-- An HVAC system that is too small may not be efficient enough to heat or cool an entire home.  A system that is too large may cause short-cycling, which ultimiately leads to shorter lilfespan of your HVAC system and higher utility bills.
  • Air ducts may have a leak--  According to the US Department of Energy, 30-40 percent of all air traveling through air ducts leaks.  In addition to decreasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, holes in your ductwork may introduce pollutants, such as bugs, dust, or environmental allergens.
  • Vents may be obstructed-- Often, furniture or home decor items can block wall or floor vents in your home, causing uneven heating and cooling.

If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your home, you might benefit from having an expert take a look to determine the root cause.  Taking care of the problem will not only allow you to be more comfortable in your home, but it will save energy, decrease utility bills, and and extend the life of your HVAC system.  Carolina Comfort Systems is your trusted HVAC contractor in Conway, SC, and we promise one thing-- YOUR satisfaction is OUR guarantee!  Call us today at (843) 365-5711.   

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hybridheatBryant has a heating system that combines the power of two heat sources to make one smart system!  It's the Bryant Hybrid Heat Duel Fuel System!  It combines the power of a gas furnace with an electric heat pump to provide maximum efficiency during the heating season, as well as the cooling season!  

Smart, Flexible and Efficient

A HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system gives you more control over your utility bills. As outdoor winter temperatures change, the system automatically switches between heat pump and furnace to utilize the most cost-effective fuel source and maintain greater efficiency.

Because a HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system provides the flexibility to work with multiple fuel sources, it provides additional protection from unpredictable fuel cost increases. And the system is so efficient, its heating costs are less than with any gas furnace alone.

Interested in a Hybrid Heating system?  Call the experts at Carolina Comfort Systems today for your Conway heating and Cooling needs.  Take advantage of 2013 tax credits and rebates on select systems going on right now.  Ask your Carolina Comfort Technician for details! 

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ccs logoIt wasn't the hottest summer we've seen in Myrtle Beach, but it sure was humid!  What is your best defense against indoor humidity?  That's right, it's a properly sized HVAC system.  Controlling your indoor humidity levels can make all the difference between sticky and comfortable!  Having the right sized HVAC system is vital to energy efficiency, dehumidification, and ultimately your indoor comfort!  A air conditioning system that is too small for the needs of your home will not be powerful enough to distribute cooled air throughout your home and return air to the evaporator for dehumidification.  A system too large will cool the home too quickly to remove moisture from the air, which can lead to mold issues.  When it comes to indoor air quality and comfort in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Comfort Systems has the knowledgable & trained technicians to know what size your system needs to be to be the most efficient system for your home.  And, as always, at Carolina Comfort Systems, your satisfaction is our guarantee!  Call us today for an indoor air analysis to see if we can help!  843 (357) 5711.

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Monday, 12 September 2011 16:09

Time for a Heat Pump Tune Up!

Time For a Heat Pump “Tune-up?”

Nearly half of the energy used in your home is dedicated to heating and cooling. Making smart decisions about your home's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can drastically impact your utility bills — and your family’s comfort. Now that the hottest days of the summer are behind us, it’s a smart move to turn your attention to the efficiency of your heat pump. It could be time for a “tune-up.” In much the same way as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, an annual inspection of your heat pump can improve its level of performance. Consider these steps to increase the efficiency of your heating system.

1) Change your air filter(s) regularly. At a minimum, you should replace your air filter(s) every three months, perhaps more regularly in peak periods such as the peak of the summer or the middle of the winter.
2) If you don’t already have one, consider having a programmable thermostat professionally installed. Depending on the size of your home, it’s estimated a programmable thermostat can save between $175-$200 in energy costs each year!
3) Have you heating and cooling ducts professionally sealed. Proper sealing can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by 20 percent or more.
4) Call one of our well-trained technicians to perform a routine “winterization” inspection covering a checklist of items designed to improve your heat pump’s efficiency and provide you and your family with maximum in-home comfort... all winter long!

As always, if you have any questions about your heating and cooling system, we’re just a phone call away and we’re ready to serve you.

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Sunday, 05 April 2015 16:11

Welcome to Carolina Comfort Systems!

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Carolina Comfort Systems Inc. has been a local, family-owned business since the beginning, now moving into 2nd generation ownership (Joel & Jarid).  We are looking forward to many more years of serving the Grand Strand Area.

Karen and myself started Carolina Comfort Systems Inc. in 1984 with one objective in mind- to provide the best comfort system for your home with the highest quality customer service availabe in the industry.  For over 30 years, that has never changed.  Over the years, we have become one of the dominant HVAC companies in the area because of our dedication to provising the quality and service you deserve. 

Carolina Comfort Systems is locally owned, not a national corporation or franchise company.  We pride ourselves on providing quick response time for your service needs, and because we are local, we have a better understanding of the unique needs of the ustomers in our area.  Whether you purchase an entry level system or a top-of-the-line product, rest assured that when you purchase from us, you will receive the highest quality installation and service that we can provide, on time, every time. 

Thank you for having us in your home and giving us the opportunity to serve your indoor comfort needs.  I look forward to you becoming a part of the Carolina Comfort Systems Inc. family.

-Andy Johnson


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