iStock 1003895142National Tune Up Day for your heating and cooling system is coming up this September 25th! This day was founded to remind everyone to have their HVAC systems cleaned and tuned up before the cooler weather sweeps in. The best time to have your HVAC system inspected and tuned up is ahead of the seasonal switch-over from using your system to cool your home to heating your home instead.

 Benefits of HVAC Tune Ups

HVAC tune ups keep your system running efficiently, conserving energy and keeping your costs down. Having a tune up every year can also help catch wear and tear or other issues that could lead to a more costly (and uncomfortable) system failure during the cold part of the year. Here are just a few of the things technicians check and do during your yearly HVAC tune up:

  • Remove dust, dirt and debris from your vents and ductwork
  • Check vents and ducts for leaks or blockages
  • Clean and check fresh air intakes for debris or blockages
  • Ensure the fuel-jets are working correctly
  • Check burners for correct flame height and proper ignition
  • Check drains and traps for blockages or leaks
  • Change filters
  • Clean and check that all electrical connections are secure
  • Ensure the seal for the blower access door is tight and secure
  • Lubricate moving parts and inspect for wear and tearCheck for gas leaks or other gas line issues (on gas units)

The list above is just a short example of the many things your HVAC maintenance technician will test, inspect, clean and check during your yearly tune up appointment. Keeping your system properly maintained keeps you warm and toasty when the cool weather hits. Remind your friends to schedule their heating and cooling system tune ups by using the hashtag #NationalTuneUpDay on social media. They'll thank you for the reminder this January when they're cozy and comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

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HVAC Maintenance Myrtle BeachWhether you have a standard air conditioner, heat pump or evaporative cooler, getting ready for summer and warmer temperatures should include professional maintenance and cleaning of your cooling system. Keeping your system well-maintained ensures it runs as efficiently as possible--so you stay cool while saving money on your utility bill. Regular maintenance also helps detect small problems before they become serious headaches (and expensive repairs) later on. The best way to make sure your home's cooling system is always hot weather ready? Consider a Comfort Star Protection Plan from Carolina Comfort Systems!

No matter which plan you choose, having one of our service and protection plans keeps you on a regular maintenance schedule and offers several other benefits too.

* Your home comfort system is professionally cleaned and inspected twice per year. No need to stress over remembering when your last service was! We'll keep track and make sure your system gets the regular maintenance needed to keep it running efficiently.

* Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your HVAC system by keeping everything functioning as it should and reducing wear and tear.

* Regular inspections find and prevent many major issues before they occur. This prevents unnecessary stress on other components of your home comfort system and helps avoid major breakdowns.

* You save money month after month on utility costs. Regular system maintenance ensures the most energy-efficient operating conditions so you need less energy to cool your home. Using less energy means lower electricity bills in your mailbox.

* Our Comfort Star Protection Plan clients enjoy "Priority Customer" service. If you should happen to experience a problem or breakdown with your home comfort system, we go the extra mile to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

The hot summer weather is coming quick. Our Comfort Star Protection Plans are designed to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable all season (and all year) long!  Beat the heat!  Call Carolina Comfort Systems today!

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Thursday, 07 January 2016 17:24

January HVAC Service Reminder!

HVAC Maintenance Myrtle Beach | ConwayJanuary is a great time to have your HVAC system cleaned and inspected. Using the new year as a reminder to schedule this vital service keeps you on track with a regular maintenance schedule. Your annual HVAC cleaning and inspection appointment is similar to a tune-up for your car. It keeps everything working properly and helps avoid unexpected break-downs. Your annual HVAC appointment is a little more complex than merely cleaning up some dusty spots. Here are just a few of the things your technician does to keep your system running smoothly.

- Clean out accumulated dirt, dust and debris from all major components, including the burner assembly and air conditioner evaporation coils.

- Check and replace filters.

- Clear out drains for condensation to flow properly away from the unit.

- Clean the blower/ fan, lubricate moving parts, inspect fan belts for wear and tear and ensure the system is generating proper airflow.

- Ensure all electrical connections are secure, finding and replacing loose wiring or worn out electrical connections.

- Inspect flue for debris and ensure outgoing ductwork is clear of any blockages. Likewise, inspect air intake to ensure air is flowing into the system the way it should. Blockage of outgoing airflow can cause dangerous particles or gases to build up inside your home.

- Test and calibrate thermostat for accurate temperature readings and control.

- Test for gas leaks in and around your furnace to keep your family safe from dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning. Note: This does not replace the necessity of having properly working CO2 detectors in your home!

- Check for wear and tear on all components to help find potential problems before they become emergency repairs.

Regular service and maintenance keeps your HVAC system working at optimum efficiency, not only saving energy and money, but also keeping your family as safe as possible. Some HVAC system manufacturers recommend having this service performed twice per year, particularly in certain climates such as very humid climates. Your HVAC expert at Carolina Comfort Systems can discuss your manufacturer's recommendations with you to ensure your maintenance schedule complies with any warranty requirements.

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