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Saturday, 17 November 2018 13:38

6 Reasons to Invest in a Backup Home Generator

generac dealer myrtle beachA backup home generator is a great investment for your home and comfort, and not just during hurricane season. There are a number of reasons investing in a backup home generator just makes sense and can protect you and items in your home. Let's check out the top 6 reasons to invest in a generator for your home:

1. You never know when an unexpected power outage can happen. While most people in our area might experience a power failure most frequently during major storms, the reality is that an outage can happen any time of the year. Power outages can happen due to equipment failure/break down or animal activities, for example.

2. Prevent interruption of your security service or system. Blackouts and power issues can create prime opportunity for burglars to break into normally-secured homes. A backup home generator ensures continued power to your security system to keep you safe.

3. Prevent expensive food loss. During hurricane season, there is advance notice a storm is coming and many people use up the perishable foods in the fridge. However, in an unexpected power outage, you could face losing an entire refrigerator and freezer full of food - a costly thing to replace. With a backup generator for your home, you don't have to worry about food spoilage.

4. Decrease the potential for damage to appliances and equipment caused by power surges when electricity is restored. When power is restored after an outage, it's not unusual for there to be a few power surges within the first several minutes after the lights come back on. Even with surge protectors, those surges can be strong enough to damage appliances, your HVAC system and electronics such as televisions, computers and smart home equipment. A backup generator runs for several minutes after power is restored and diffuses the effects of those surges, preventing damage to items and systems inside your home.

5. Stay connected to the outside world. During a power outage, your internet equipment can shut down and make staying connected with the outside world difficult, especially as batteries in cell phones and other devices run low with no electricity to recharge them. As long as your internet provider's service is not interrupted, your backup home generator can power your devices and internet modems and routers to keep you connected.

6. A backup home generator can take over during a power loss within seconds. A backup generator will sense when there is a loss of electricity and self-start to restore power to your home within moments of an outage.

Carolina Comfort Systems is an authorized Generac dealer and service partner. Generac is the top brand for installed backup home generators because of the exceptional quality and longevity of their home generators. Depending on your alternate fuel source and the size of your home, there are a range of sizes and options that might be a fit for your needs. Carolina Comfort Systems can go over your unique needs, the size of your home and available fuel sources to help you choose the best Generac backup home generator for you.

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Saturday, 17 November 2018 13:34

5 Benefits of an Air Purifier

air purification myrtle beachDid you know that the air inside your home can be five times more polluted than the air outside your home? Things like mold, bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, secondhand smoke and other airborne particles can dirty up the air you and your family breathe. All that stuff in the air of your home can make allergies, asthma and other health issues much worse. Having a Bryant Preferred Air Purifier added to your HVAC system cleans all of the air going into and circulating through your home. Let's take a closer look at 5 benefits of investing in an air purifier for your home:

1. Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms - An air purifier filters out pollen and other contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. Breathing cleaner means less allergy misery and fewer serious breathing issues related to asthma.

2. Reduces pet dander and related dust from pets - We all love our pets! However, their dander isn't so loveable. Pet dander contributes to allergy symptoms but it also contributes to dust and grime build up on furniture and surfaces in your home. Filtering out pet dander and related dirt and grime with an air purification unit lets you enjoy life with your furry family without the allergies or excess dust caused by pet dander.

3. Remove strong cooking or kitchen odors - There is nothing quite like the mouth-watering aroma of a home-cooked meal... unless those aromas are still hanging around days later! An air purifier helps remove the particles responsible for cooking or kitchen odors to prevent those smells from turning stale and lingering in your home.

4. Reduce the chances of catching colds, flu and other infections - Bryant's air purifier filters out the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other nasties responsible for causing illnesses. Even if someone in your home happens to have the crud, having an air purifier can help prevent those germs from spreading to other rooms and other members of your family by filtering them out of the air you breathe.

5. Eliminate toxins and odors of secondhand smoke - If you have a guest who smokes or even a person living in your home who smokes, those toxins and odors can easily spread throughout the entire house. However, having an air purifier helps filter out the odors and over 2,000 toxins found in secondhand cigarette smoke.

Breathing cleaner is always better for you and every member of your family. A Bryant Preferred Air Purifier helps you do just that by filtering out everything from allergens to germs to smells to toxins. To learn how your family can breathe easier and cleaner, give Carolina Comfort Systems a call for more information on adding an air purifier to your HVAC system.

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