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HVAC Maintenance Myrtle BeachWhether you have a standard air conditioner, heat pump or evaporative cooler, getting ready for summer and warmer temperatures should include professional maintenance and cleaning of your cooling system. Keeping your system well-maintained ensures it runs as efficiently as possible--so you stay cool while saving money on your utility bill. Regular maintenance also helps detect small problems before they become serious headaches (and expensive repairs) later on. The best way to make sure your home's cooling system is always hot weather ready? Consider a Comfort Star Protection Plan from Carolina Comfort Systems!

No matter which plan you choose, having one of our service and protection plans keeps you on a regular maintenance schedule and offers several other benefits too.

* Your home comfort system is professionally cleaned and inspected twice per year. No need to stress over remembering when your last service was! We'll keep track and make sure your system gets the regular maintenance needed to keep it running efficiently.

* Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your HVAC system by keeping everything functioning as it should and reducing wear and tear.

* Regular inspections find and prevent many major issues before they occur. This prevents unnecessary stress on other components of your home comfort system and helps avoid major breakdowns.

* You save money month after month on utility costs. Regular system maintenance ensures the most energy-efficient operating conditions so you need less energy to cool your home. Using less energy means lower electricity bills in your mailbox.

* Our Comfort Star Protection Plan clients enjoy "Priority Customer" service. If you should happen to experience a problem or breakdown with your home comfort system, we go the extra mile to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

The hot summer weather is coming quick. Our Comfort Star Protection Plans are designed to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable all season (and all year) long!  Beat the heat!  Call Carolina Comfort Systems today!

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Cooling Your Home | Myrtle Beach Air conditioningSummer is nearly here and with it, the heat and humidity! Keeping your home cool and comfortable doesn't have to leave you sweating over the rise in your utility bill. There are several ways you can save energy and money on cooling your home.

1. Ceiling Fans - Ceiling fans take far less energy to operate than your cooling system. Most people can set the thermostat between three to five degrees warmer while running ceiling fans and enjoy the same level of cool comfort. Those few degrees of difference, particularly on the hottest days, can result in big savings on your electric bill.

2. Nature - When nights and early mornings are cool, take advantage of nature's heat relief by opening a few windows and turning off your cooling system.

3. Programming - Use a programmable thermostat to increase temperature when you are not home, using less energy while away. Set the program to begin cooling your home down to your desired temperature about 30 minutes before you typically return. You will come home to comfortable coolness while saving energy and money.

4. Dodging Drafts - Drafts and air leaks let hot air in and make your cooling system work harder and longer. The harder and longer your system works to cool your home, the more energy and money it uses. Use weather-stripping, caulking or make necessary repairs to eliminate drafts and stop money from flowing right out the window.

5. Block the Sun - Windows don't have to be open to let the heat in. The sun's rays shining through the windows can increase the temperature inside your home. Use energy-efficient window coverings designed to reflect the sun's rays back out and keep them closed during the day. If the idea of closed curtains has you feeling closed in, there are also protective films that can be professionally applied directly to your windows to help block the sun's rays (and heat) while allowing you to enjoy natural light year round.

6. Regular Maintenance - Having your cooling system cleaned and professionally maintained by your home comfort service provider saves you money in more than one way. First, a well-maintained cooling system runs more efficiently and uses less energy to keep your home cool, which means lower utility costs. Second, regular maintenance helps find any potential issues before they become big problems. Something as minor as debris obstructing proper function of fans and coils can cause major damage over time, resulting in unplanned costly repairs during the hottest part of the year. And don't forget to change the filter in for your system every month during the spring and summer when your system is working more often and filters gunk up faster, putting stress on your cooling system.

Staying cool during the summer heat doesn't have to be as expensive as you might expect. A few simple changes can help you save energy and money without sacrificing comfort.

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