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Bryant COR Home Automation Myrtle BeachCor Home Automation is a new offering available for your home from your Bryant Heating and Cooling System providers at Carolina Comfort Systems. Cor technology works with Bryant's Preferred or Evolution heat pumps, gas furnaces, air conditioners and heat coil systems. Cor Home Automation gives you the ability to control your lighting, thermostat settings, security system and more from your smartphone.

Of course, Bryant is an industry leader in heating and cooling systems but for a more complete home automation package, they couldn't do it alone. For security, Cor utilizes Interlogix. With Interlogix, you can watch security footage, unlock or lock doors, and receive alerts about open windows or when the garage door is opened - all from your phone. And because your family's safety is the top priority, Cor works with Kidde smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to alert you immediately in the event of a potential fire or carbon monoxide incident.

Currently, Bryant is offering a $500 rebate toward the Cor Home Automation Smart Start Kit with the purchase of a compatible Preferred or Evolution heating and cooling system. With Cor, there are no contracts and no monthly fees and you can add-in features and options that allow you to customize the way you care for and monitor your home. Even better, the technology in Bryant's Cor Home Automation system is expandable to accommodate new technology options as they come to market. To learn more about this exciting new technology from Bryant, give us a call at Carolina Comfort Systems!

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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 11:10

Pollen! Tips to Keep It Out of Your Home

Indoor Air Quality Myrtle BeachSpring time is pollen season in South Carolina. Temperatures are warming up and the trees are... detonating a giant sticky pollen bomb all over the region. And most of the trees in the area are in on the mess; Oak, Elm, Hickory, Sycamore, Alder, Maple and Juniper trees are the culprits! As if that were not enough, those delightful spring breezes distribute pollen over every surface like your car, your patio furniture, your pets, your plants - and you. Here are a few ways you can battle back against the pollen onslaught and keep those sneeze-inducing yellow grains out of your house.

* Always remove shoes before entering the home.
* Wash your hands immediately when you enter the house.
* Take off jackets and coats at entryway or leave them outside with shoes, if possible.
* Use pet bathing wipes (or unscented natural baby wipes) to wipe pollen off of pets coming in from outside, making sure to get those furry pollen-spreading feet!
* Use a HEPA filter on your heating and cooling system.
* Use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter and vacuum at least twice per week.
* Never hang laundry outside to dry during pollen season.
* Don't open the windows of your home (or your car) during pollen season.
* Ensure seals around windows and doors are tight with no drafts. Drafts are opportunities for pollen to get into your home.
* Avoid mowing the lawn until after pollen season is over... and maybe after it has rained a few times (just in case).
* As often as necessary, use a disposable dust-attracting wipe or cloth to wipe surfaces, counters, tables and non-carpeted floors to trap pollen and throw it away.

To keep an eye on the pollen count so you know when it is safe to venture outside without sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat and other allergy misery, you can check out If you don't already have a Bryant Air Purifier to improve your indoor air quality, call Carolina Comfort Systems and we'll help you breathe easier.

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