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Geothermal EnergyGeothermal energy is not a new discovery, in fact, researchers began working with geothermal energy as early as 1904. The technology required to harness geothermal energy in a real-world efficient way for an individual home is much more recent. Bryant has three types of geothermal systems to help you take advantage of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly options for your home.

What is geothermal and is it right for my home?
Geothermal energy is energy in the earth found in soil, wells and ponds that can be converted into energy for your home. A geothermal system may be a good choice for you if you a fairly large yard (or pond or well on your property), a current system that is 15 years old or more, a home that is at least 2,500 square feet, live in an area where summer temperatures are frequently above 85 degrees and winter temperatures are frequently 32 degrees or below, and you are tired of paying high utility bills.

Types of geothermal systems
Bryant offers three types of geothermal systems to meet a variety of needs and conditions.

Packaged Geothermal Heat Pump - This system includes the compressor, condenser and evaporator coil in one compact cabinet, insulated for noise reduction. Packaged systems are extremely energy-efficient and also very efficient at pulling humidity out of the air, keeping your home comfortable in all seasons.

Geothermal Split System - This system combines a geothermal heat pump with a gas furnace or fan coil allowing the homeowner to easily switch between geothermal and gas heat for more flexibility and control while still harnessing the benefits of geothermal energy.

Hydronic Use Heat Pump - This system is for water applications with the added benefit of providing the hot water for your home also. This type of system works with a pond or well to harness geothermal energy for your home.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are some of the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient in use today. Geothermal systems can save up to 70% on your home heating and cooling costs and many systems qualify for a tax credit of up to 30% of the total installed cost of your new system. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money with a geothermal system from Bryant.

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Bryant Systems for Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC Myrtle BeachWhether you are choosing an HVAC system for a new commercial space or replacing an old HVAC for an existing commercial space, Bryant has options to meet your needs. Bryant Commercial HVAC systems come in two types: rooftop or split systems.

Rooftop Commercial HVAC Systems
Bryant offers two lines of rooftop systems to meet the needs of a wide range of budgets. The Legacy Line Rooftop Series is the more affordable line offering three models with sizes ranging from 3-25 tons, all with a minimum 13 SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). All models in the Legacy Line meet the ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) so you get durability, energy-efficiency and affordability in one system.

The three models in the Preferred Rooftop Series are the top-of-the-line Bryant rooftop systems with even greater energy-efficiency and more features and options for your commercial HVAC system. The Preferred Series models also offer sizes ranging from 3-25 tons, but are Energy Star Certified along with meeting the ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standard. Two of the Preferred models provide SEER ratings up to 15.6, while the third model has a SEER rating up to 15.8. You get the best energy-efficiency with the most options with the durability Bryant systems are known for.

Commercial HVAC Split Systems
The second type of HVAC system for commercial spaces are split systems. Bryant offers two models of split systems - one with heat pump and one with air conditioner, as part of their efficient yet affordable Legacy Line. With a Bryant Legacy Line Split System, you can choose from a full set of factory-installed options or add options and accessories that the field technician doing your installation can incorporate into your system on-site. Bryant Split Systems are also ASHRAE 90.1 compliant so you can rest assured your new split system is energy-efficient as well.

Choosing a commercial HVAC system is no easy task. With so many options and manufacturers, it can be tough to make such a big decision. Bryant systems are known for durability, energy-efficiency and affordability to save you money while providing a system you can feel confident will go the distance.

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