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Ductless Air Systems

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

More and more consumers are considering ductless heating and cooling systems for their homes, offices and other living spaces. What is a ductless system and could it be a good choice for you? 

Ductless Systems - The Basics

A ductless system is a heating and cooling unit that does not require ductwork to control temperature in desired rooms or zones. Ductless systems have been in use around the world for over thirty years and are starting to grow in popularity in the US. Most often, a ductless system is mounted to a wall in the desired room or area, providing a good deal of flexibility for more targeted temperature control where it is needed most. Split ductless systems may have a wall unit inside that is connected to a compressor outside the home or building. 

Benefits of Choosing a Ductless SystemDuctless Air Systems Myrtle Beach SC

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of ductless systems. Here are just a few of the benefits a ductless system provides. 

Save Money: 

Ductless systems are smaller and use less power than traditional HVAC systems, partially due to increased efficiency. With no ducts to force air through, ductless systems deliver warmth or cold directly to the target area with no loss of efficiency. Traditional HVAC systems lose an average of 20 percent efficiency as air moves through the ductwork due to poor duct connections, leaks and holes. 

Environmentally Friendly: 

Ductless systems are able to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines that most traditional HVAC systems cannot even get close to. This provides all the energy saving and money saving benefits you would expect from an ENERGY STAR appliance. Ductless systems also do not use Freon, which is still used in some traditional HVAC systems. Instead, ductless systems use a coolant called R-410A that in rigorous testing has shown a zero or near zero potential for ozone damage or depletion. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality: 

Ductless systems provide better indoor air quality over traditional HVAC systems in two ways. The first is that ductless units include a filtration system to reduce pollens, dust, molds and other allergens in the air. The second way is that even after a thorough professional ductwork cleaning, there is still a measure of dust and allergens present in the ducts of your home or building. Those dusts and allergens not only build up again but what is left behind after cleaning is pushed out of the system into the air you breathe. 
The costs of switching to a ductless system can vary depending on the number of zones or rooms included and complexity of installation. However, the savings from energy efficiency and highly targeted temperature control are considerable. If you are building a new home or have a traditional HVAC system that is nearing the end of its lifecycle, it is a good idea to discuss ductless system options for your home with your Carolina Comfort System technician. 
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