Tuesday, 17 July 2018 16:32

Hot Spots In Your Home? Ductless HVAC Can Help!

bryant ductlessMany homes have a room (or two) that just don't seem to get as cool as the rest of the house. Instead of avoiding that room for four or five months every year (in South Carolina), it might be worth investigating if a ductless unit or system is right for you.


What Causes Hot Spots?

There could be a number of reasons causing a room to be hotter than the rest. Depending on the size of your home, it could simply be the distance of the room from the cooling unit. Another common cause is the angle and position of the sun shining into that room during the summer months. That sunny room could get significantly warmer without causing the thermostat to kick on the cool air for the entire house (which would also gobble up energy).


If the hot spot room is part of an addition to the home, it might not have been set up with ductwork to carry cool air to that space. Not including ductwork in an addition is a common thing people do to try to save some money on their addition. Many homeowners believe that keeping the doors open to that addition will allow enough cool air to flow through and keep it comfortable (it's usually not). A similar situation happens with separate outdoor spaces, such as sheds, workshops and pool houses. Being a separate building from the main house means no ductwork to connect to the main heating and cooling system.

The Ductless System Solution

Ductless systems don't use the ductwork of the main heating and cooling system. They can be mounted in the ceiling, along the floor or high on a wall. You can choose a ductless system that only provides cooling or provides heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Here are a few more benefits of a ductless unit or system to consider:


  • Cools (or heats) only the space you need, without impacting the rest of the house.
  • Much more energy-efficient than dropping the temperature on the thermostat to try to get that hot spot to feel comfortable (and turning every other room in the house into a freezer).
  • Many Bryant ductless units and systems are also Energy Star Certified to save you money and conserve energy.
  • Bryant offers ductless options for residential and light commercial. So, if that hot spot space is in your business location instead of your home, Bryant has options for you too.

There is plenty of summertime heat to come in coastal South Carolina. You don't have to settle for hot spots or vacate rooms for the next few months. A ductless system can make every room cool and comfortable. Call Carolina Comfort Systems to explore your ductless options.