Sunday, 17 December 2017 17:43

Warm Up Cold Rooms with a Bryant Ductless System

Ductless SingleZone Highwall F cat smA ductless system is useful in a number of situations where traditional ductwork is non-existent or would be much more costly to expand. Bring heating (or cooling) to a variety of types of rooms and spaces in an energy-efficient way. Let's take a look!

Places and Spaces Ideal for Ductless Systems

There are a variety of places and spaces where a ductless system would be an ideal solution to provide heating and cooling without the need for pre-existing ductwork or for costly expansion of the existing ductwork into a new space. Here are a few of those spaces and places:

  • Garages - detached and attached
  • Outdoor work sheds
  • Rooms added on to your home
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • In-law cottages
  • Pool houses
  • Rooms in your home rarely used
  • Rooms in your home that receive less heat from your HVAC system
  • Depending on the size of your home and the layout of the ductwork from your HVAC system and the power of your HVAC system, there might be rooms that just never seem to get enough heat, including rooms farthest from the HVAC system, basements, attics and bonus rooms or additions to your home. Structures detached from the home also may need an efficient solution for heating and cooling as these separate buildings are rarely connected to your primary HVAC system and getting an entire system for a small structure would be too costly. These situations are where ductless systems are an ideal solution.

Ductless Systems Save Energy and Money

Ductless systems are comprised of an outdoor unit that connects to an indoor unit, often wall-mounted, that dispenses the heat (or cool) - no ductwork needed. They save energy by providing heat just where you need it and not in rooms where you don't. Bryant offers 29 ductless systems that are Energy Star qualified for all types of spaces and conserve electricity. Bryant ductless systems also use inverter technology for consistent temperature and quieter operation. Bryant systems also feature a variable compressor that self-adjusts for speed so your ductless unit saves money by running only at the speed it needs and not running on full speed at all times.

Ready to learn more and see if there is a Bryant ductless system that will work for your chilly space? Call Carolina Comfort Systems!